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Location: Student Union Ventana Room, Level 4

Time: 3:30 - 5 p.m.  

  1. Call to Order - George Gehrels, Chair
  2. Welcome and Introductions - Welcome Letter  & UGC Members Roster 
  3. Responsibilities of UGC Membership
  4. Review of Pending Issues for 2011-12
  5. Subcommittee Selection
    1. Academic Programs -- Joe Gerald, Chair
    2. Curriculum & Policies -- Claudia Stanescu, Chair
  6. Reports
    1. Academic Affairs Report - Gail Burd, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
      1. Transfer Task Force
      2. Probation Task Force
      3. 7 1/2 Week Courses Task Force
      4. Transition of Pre-Nursing Program from CLAS to Nursing
    2. University-wide General Education Committee Report -- Tom Fleming
      1. Report on Courses Taught in Centennial Hall
  7. New Business
    1. New Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards for Federal Financial Aid  -- Debbi Golden-Davis, Program Coordinator, Sr., Office of Student Financial Aid
    2. Proposed Policy on Announcements/Presentations During Class Time – Tom Fleming
      1. Instructors at the University of Arizona are sometimes approached by members of student organizations or representatives of groups or programs from both inside and outside the University who ask for a few minutes of class time to address students.  It is the policy of the University that the granting of such requests is at the sole discretion of the course instructor.  Instructors are under no obligation to provide class time for announcements and presentations that are unrelated to the course itself.
    3. Update on Students' Access to Textbook Information Prior to Registration – Patti King

      Go Green!


      Agendas and related materials will not be distributed at the meeting. Please print materials or bring your laptop to the meeting if you'd like materials for reference at the meeting.

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