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Global Registries Initiative Workshop - Denver, Colorado 29 March 2011

The Global Registries Initiative will be hosting a one-day workshop in Denver, Colorado on 29 March, 2011 (just prior to the Information Access Summit).

This workshop extends the work of the Global Registries Initiative (GRI). The GRI aims to facilitate a global data and scholarly resources commons into which anyone can contribute, and from which anyone can discover and reuse valuable scholarly materials and research data. Currently, the major partners in the GRI are the Ockham project (funded by the National Science Digital Library / NSF), the JISC Information Environment Services Registry, and the Australian National Data Service. Work in and across these three communities has been occurring for a number of years, and the technology landscape surrounding digital libraries and research data has changed significantly since the work of the GRI began.

The goal of this workshop is to gather present-day scenarios and current and future needs around data, information resources, and service discovery and use, and to understand better how a global network of collections, data and service registries can enable broader and better access to the world-wide range of scholarly data, information and services available to researchers, teachers, and learners. We will bring together key stakeholders in the digital library and research data communities to explore and discuss how a global network of digital collection and data registries can benefit digital libraries and data management activities across geographies and disciplines.

Workshop Details

Date: 29 March, 2011

Location: Denver, Colorado

The Curtis Hotel

AGENDA (Word Doc)

Contact Information: Please email Jeremy Frumkin (frumkinj at u dot library dot arizona dot edu) for more information or questions.

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