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    Background Documents - Leading to Committee Formation

    Committee Formation Documents

    Reference Materials

    IT Service Portfolio Related Research:

    Services Subcommittee Catalog

    Services Subcommittee Report

    Email Attachments for 2-6-2009 Meeting

    2-6-2009 Meeting Handouts


    Subcommittees Status Reports 2-23-09
    *Subcommittee Updates*

    The subcommittees of the IT Transformation Committee have been meeting to discuss the following three topics:

     Services Subcommittee:  Chuck Higgins (Chair), Gil Salazar, Amy Kimme-Hea, Tim Wunz, Kurt Lindsay and Drennen Brown. 

    • The subcommittee will compile a list of services provided on campus by units and UITS, and drill down to which services should/could be centralized.   

    Best Practices Subcommittee:  Mark Aldenderfer (Chair), Robert MacArthur, Sylvia Johnson, Carla Stoffle, Liz Taylor.  

    • This subcommittee will look at centralized and decentralized models from other universities.  Liz will contact Gartner Group to help gather data.  Carla also said that the library can provide assistance in gathering data from other universities.

    UA Modeling Subcommittee:  Jeremy Frumkin (Chair), Jeff Goldberg, Cathy Munger, Nirav Merchant.

    •  This committee will examine two or three individual services (such as email, wiki, shared storage, etc.), and report on various business/organizational models of deployment of such services for both central and decentralized environments.



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